Provence Cru Classé : an exceptional title !

The History of the Cru Classé


The story of the Côtes de Provence Crus Classés starts in 1895 when some of « Owners of the Var Vineyards » become aware of the importance of uniting together so as to defend and promote their wines and domains.

The drive of these determined men and women, enabled a commision of experts, in 1947, to select 23 domains to be placed under the guardianship of the INAO. They were chosen following a rigorous study of their land, of their know-how and of their reknown.


Just like the most prestigious of Bodelaise wine regions, these domains and the château de Provence obained the exceptional title of « Cru Classé ». This decision was recognised officialy by the title  appelation of Côtes de Provence. The domains commit themselves to the production of the three wine colors : red, rosé and white, in ensuring with a constant regularity of quality and authenticity the vinification and the ageing of the wines and  lastly in bottling at the Domaine itself.

Their visionary and dynamic approach allowed the region to obtain in 1951, the title of Superior Quality Wine and then in 1977 the title of Designation of Origin.



An honorary title that demands excellence


In the 1990’s, the idea is formulated of creating the Club of Crus Classés. Beyond the economical and technical aspect, these winemakers wished to promote the ethic value that the Crus Classés shared.

Regular meetings created an opportunity for the group to exchange ideas and elaborate a real « Cru Classé culture » with goals such as progress and a wish to perpetuate the traditions and the know-how. They endeavoured to share the dreams and the cultural value of the Cru Classé spirit with advisers and amateurs of great wines.

Today the story continues, and 14 domains and châteaux are together in spreading their « Cru Classé » identity – this «noble title » that was started by their peers in 1955.