Come and visit the cellars of the Château de Brégançon !


Two centuries of history and expertise passed down through the generations within the same family—this is the rich heritage that the Château de Brégançon, situated on the seaside facing the Îles d'Or and nestled in a protected site, eagerly invites you to explore.

In addition to a narrated tasting experience, your visit will be accompanied by guided insights into the Château's history. You'll also gain an understanding of the winegrower's craft and the various stages of the vine's cycles, immersing yourself in the heart of this exceptional estate in the Var.


Historical Context - Acquired in 1816 by the SABRAN family, the Château de Brégançon has a deeper historical lineage as the former fief of the Marquisat de Brégançon. During the era when the Fort of Brégançon served as a military base, the Château cultivated vegetables to supply the fort's needs. Over time, the Château de Brégançon has evolved into its eighth generation of winemakers, with each successive generation leaving an indelible mark on the region's history. Notably, Hermann SABRAN, a key figure among these descendants, played a pivotal role in the local community, founding the Renée SABRAN hospital in Giens. Furthermore, Georges TEZENAS made significant contributions to the establishment of the Crus Classés de Provence, adding another chapter to the Château's enduring legacy.


Vineyard and Cellar Tour

Embark on a journey through our vineyards and cellar during this insightful visit. Our first stop will be the "Jean-François" plot, named after a family member, offering stunning views of the sea and, weather permitting, an enchanting panorama of the Golden Islands. Here, we'll delve into various vine pruning techniques and elaborate on the production guidelines outlined in the Côtes de Provence specifications.

Moving on, the tour progresses to the cellar. We'll guide you through the stages of the harvest, from the de-stemming process to the vinification vats and finally to the bottling area. Our barrel cellar will be unveiled, where we'll share the mysteries of maturation in oak barrels.

Wine Tasting

Concluding the visit, we invite you to savor our range of wines. This tasting experience will bring to life the insights shared about grape varieties, terroir, and the diverse methods of vinification and maturation.

The comments provided during the tasting aim to provide you with foundational knowledge about the art of wine tasting, offering insights into the different aroma families that capture the distinctive essence of Provence wines.



By appointment, every Friday from 10:30 to 12:30
Price of the visit: 38€/person - free for children under 12.
In small groups between 10 and 20 people. 
Visit in French and/or English 
During our visits, take the opportunity to get a special discount on our rosé wines. 

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