Come and visit the cellars of the Château de Brégançon !


200 years of history and know-how in the same family … that is what Château de Bregançon, a classified site situated on the coast facing the Iles d’Or, wishes to share with you.

In addition to a commentated tasting session, allow yourself to be taken on a tour of discovery of the Château’s history. Learn all about the work of the winemaker and the different cycles of the vineyard by walking through the vines.


History of the Château

Before being acquired by the Sabran family in 1816, Château de Brégançon was the fief of the Marquisat of Brégançon. In that period, the fort of Brégançon was a military base. The Château provided vegetables cultivated on its land to the fort. Today it boasts its eighth generation of winemakers. These descendants have crossed the ages and have stamped the history of the region by their personal investment into the local life, especially Hermann Sabran who founded the Renée Sabran hospital in Giens. Georges TEZENAS, participated in the creation of the Crus Classés de Provence.


A journey through the vineyards and the cellar

During this visit, we will take you to the Jean-François plot. Indeed every plot carries the name of one member of the family. This particular one overlooks the sea and in good weather there is an incredible view of the islands  Isle d’Or. The different sizes of the vines as well as the conditions to be respected for the appellation Côtes de Provence will be explained to you. The visit will continue to the cellar, where we describe the process of harvesting, of the stemmer and the method of vinification and unto the bottling. You will discover our vat storehouse and all the secrets of how wine in oak barrels are stored.


Wine tasting

After the tour a wine tasting session will be offered. This sums up perfectly the explanations made of our grape varieties, of our soil and the different ways of vinification and the aging procedures.

It will help you acquire a basic knowledge of wine tasting in general. You will be familiarised to the terms used for differentiating  aromas or how to analyse the balance of  wine on the palate.


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