Cru Classé de Provence - Over 200 years of vine growing, organic and authentic wines

We produce authentic organic wines in Provence on an estate that is also certified as a level 3 High Environmental Value.

The estate has been certified by ECOCERT since 2017 "products in conversion to Organic Agriculture certified by FR-BIO-01" and now since our harvest in 2020 with the quality label "VIN BIO". The vineyard produces wines according to the organic viticulture rules, i.e. respect for traditions and the earth, elaboration with 100% natural products and this during all the stages of the wine process. The techniques used are based on two essential principles: respect for the environment and respect for the consumer. 

With a limited annual production, each vintage offers fine, rare and exclusive wines, among the most renowned Côtes de Provence wines...

A remarkable combination of commitment to organic farming, technique and above all know-how, the entire vineyard is managed with precision, in the most authentic and traditional way. It is this beautiful history, family adventure and love for this protected and untouched land that the Château de Brégançon wishes to confer this label, which holds the best guarantees for the future. Thus, the Château de Brégançon has known from generation to generation how to establish traditional methods of farming which place its wines in a sustainable and promising development.

This evolution from sustainable agriculture to organic agriculture has been done in a most appropriate way. Olivier Tezenas, 7th generation, continues this family commitment with the concern of constantly improving the quality of his wines from a privileged and unique terroir, available in rosé, white and red. He is the guardian of a logic of the essential which does not exhaust the earth, but on the contrary, by the absence of aggressive treatments, reinforces its biodiversity and its natural resistance, he demands the best from the vine through controlled yields. This approach is sincere and in perfect harmony with the geo-climatic elements and the fundamental laws of nature.