Through a wine region - a vineyard in the Var


Château de Bregançon was built during the first part of the 18th century on an old marquisate, the fort of which is, today, a presidential residence.

Built on a headland facing the Islands of Porquerolles and Port-Cros, the 52 hectare vineyard is adjacent to the Château. The vines are planted on a clay schist formation soil. Its orientation, embracing both a microclimate and sea spray gives a subtle character to our wines.

The domain, a classified site, has belonged to the Hermann Sabran familly for the past two hundred years. Hermann Sabran, a lawyer from Lyon and an administrator of hospices, had a project of building a hospital on this site in memory of his daughter Renée who had died at the age of eight. However, because of difficult access, the hospital ended up being built on the Giens peninsula.

In 1955, Georges Tezenas, husband to Marguerite Sabran, gave a new boost to the domain by obtaining the title of Cru Classé. The wines of Château de Bregançon began as of then being among the most recognized ones of the Côtes de Provence names.

In 2011, Olivier Tezenas, now in charge of the exploitation, gave it another big impulse by building a state of the art technology cellar and an elegant wine-tasting reception area.

This is how seven generations have been bringing constant care and passion to the growing of the vines, to the vinification and to the creation of their wines.

An exceptional domaine in the Var

The 52 hectare vineyards of Château de Bregançon sit on soil made of clay schist mineral, and schist on the slopes. The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea conditions directly the climate - temperating the winter and summer temperatures. In fact, rainfall is particularly weak, less than 700 mm a year. Sun exposure on the other hand is long – 3 000 hours a year. All these climatic conditions allow the vines to grow under the best conditions possible.

The vines, are close to being half a century old. The oldest ones are hand-picked at dawn. Reasoned culture being important, hand picking is priviliged.